Here’s a question: What is the law of attraction?

You’d say – it’s simple – LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Yes, it is exactly that and you are absolutely right.

A lot of us know law of attraction, then why is everyone not successful? What is the missing link?

What is that important thing you need to know about the LOA?

Here’s an important lesson that I’ve learnt. LOA is not the end of the journey but it is the starting point of your journey. You wish it, you imagine it, you seek it and you attract it. What happens next is what defines your success. What you do with what you attract in your life is what defines what success looks like for you.

Let me give you an example, a very simple one. Let’s consider you want to lose-weight, you think about your thinner self, day and night. With all your wishing and imagination, you attract a free gym membership for 3 months. You did great with step 1. Most of us are very good at this step. All the LOA worked very well for you. YOU SUCCEEDED IN STEP 1.
You don’t use the gym. Did you get thin? NO! Is your success complete? NO! I’ve not know anyone who sat in a chair all day, watched TV, ate potato chips and wished they were thin and actually got thinner.

This is probably why most people say LOA does not work.

Success does not happen by sitting on the couch and imagining. Success happens when you do something with that which you attracted sitting on the couch. Attracting something in your life is only the beginning, if you truly want to be successful, you have to invest yourself, your time and effort, you have to work hard, change your lifestyle, get out of your comfort zone, it could mean less social media time, less TV time, less gaming time and more of reading, more of learning, more of spending time with people who are already where you want to be, more of doing the things that will make you successful.