Through my journey of self-discovery, I have come to realize that your inner self is always listening to you, it loves you immensely, its listening to you with full, complete and undivided attention, its listening to you when you are sleeping, when you are watching TV, when you are with friends, when you are working, when you are doing absolutely anything and everything. Its listening to your thoughts and complains about yourself, your thoughts and complains about the world, your thoughts and complains about your circumstances. It’s also listening to the good and wonderful things in your life, your successes, your happy momentsIt is looking at what you are most passionate about, because it wants to give you more of what you are passionate aboutYour inner self is your sub-conscious mind, it has immense power, it is the auto pilot that God has put in place, it is the free will that God gave us to choose what we want out of life. Everything that happens in your life, everything you have, the circumstances in your life, the results, the events in your life all arise out of your thoughts.

Your inner self is so simple and so innocent that it doesn’t reason out anything, it loves you so unconditionally that it will give you everything, absolutely everything you tell it to give you. If you are passionate about how difficult your life is, it will give you more difficulties, if you are passionate about how easy life is, it will give you an easier life.

Here is an example from my life. I have wanted to travel, live in beautiful places, experience them, but I always used to tell myself, this is not possible, how can I afford this, how can I travel with all the debt. Guess what? My inner self was listening to me all the while, it gave me more of all the things that kept me from realizing my dream. It gave be everything that did not let me travel, more debts, more obligations, more reasons why I couldn’t travel. Then I heard of how my inner-self works and decided to test it out. I told myself, if I am passionate about my dream, I deserve to have it. I told myself I deserve a good life, I deserve to travel, just a shift in my thought, started to change everything. Something amazing happened, something I had never imagined before, my work gave me the opportunity to travel, took me to places I had never imagined possible.

Our job is to be passionate about ourselves, about the things we want, and let our auto pilot kick in and take charge of the rest, there is no way in the world that we can imagine how this will work. The wisdom of God who created us is so vast that we will never be able to comprehend it. Pay attention to your thoughts, recognize what are you telling yourself and the rest will fall in place by itself.

Have an abundant life because you deserve everything good. You were created to have it all.