About Jyotsna Fernandes

Jyotsna Fernandes is a trainer, a coach, and a transformation specialist.

With her unique life experiences, she has created her own signature style of helping you discover and unleash your true and full potential, empowering you to identify and achieve what you want at an accelerated rate.

Jyotsna was a shy child at school who would barely speak to another person; from that to, being a very charismatic person today, who loves helping and spending time with people has been nothing short of a fascinating journey. You can read about it in our stories section.

Your single discussion with Jyotsna Fernandes will effect a change in your beliefs; whether it is about yourself, your relationships, your finances, your work life, or your personal life, setting you up on your journey to a dramatic life-changing transformation.

With her personal life experiences in trying various methods from spirituality to Reiki, to hypnosis to different kinds of training, meditation, positive thinking; she finally discovered a transformation that helped her identify the unique techniques to get accelerated results in the shortest time with amazing success rates.

Jyotsna has learned to compress, into just a few months, what she has taken decades to acquire. She is ready to help you achieve your goals in this reduced time frame.

While Jyotsna also manages a full-time day job she takes up consulting out of the sheer passion to help you identify that unique aspect about you, which was so far hidden, to reach your unique goals in life. Your decision to contact Jyotsna Fernandes now will propel your life to the next level, as she helps you identify your limitations and fix them now, and all this at lightning speed. So get in touch NOW.

Jyotsna is able to identify the stumbling blocks in your life right in your very first meeting with her. These are the very blocks that are stopping you from achieving your true potential. Jyotsna will help you change these blocks into stepping stones for you and build capabilities that will percolate into different, if not all, areas of your life. Your transformation will happen at a neurological level and is effortless. This is a change that will start taking shape right away in your neurology and will improve incrementally as you use your new-found abilities naturally & effortlessly. So what are you waiting for? So connect NOW.

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